The Basic Function Of A Police Officer

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The Use of Force It is the basic function of a police officer to deal with any problems that might require the use of coercive force, according to Carl B. Klockars (Dempsey and Frost 2011). I feel it is how they uses that force is what makes the difference between a good officer and a bad one. This first example from ( is of an officer that uses excessive force on a suspect that is already under control, the only good I seen out of this is that the other officer on the scene reported his conduct to their supervisor.
"This case arose from Boone 's use of excessive force against Orville Hill during Hill’s arrest on Feb. 19, 2013. During the incident, Boone arrived at a scene where three fellow Des Moines police officers were holding Hill on the ground and a fourth officer was standing over the group. Boone ran up to the group and kicked Hill in the face, knocking out two of Hill’s teeth and breaking his nose. Other officers reported Boone’s conduct to supervisors after learning that Boone had submitted a written report in which he failed to account truthfully for his actions. On March 13, 2015, a jury found Boone guilty of violating Hill’s civil rights by using unreasonable force".
My next example shows were an off-duty officer used a textbook case of the use of deadly force, I feel the suspect was hunting the officer and would have killed the officer given the chance.
"The Oct. 8 incident occurred after the 33-year veteran was heading home in his personal…
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