The Basic Political Writings Written By Jean Jacques Rousseau

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In the book The Basic Political Writings written by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Rousseau in the beginning of the book states a very important question that he hopes to answer in parts throughout the book, the question being: What is the origin of inequality among men, and is it authorized by the natural law? Rousseau takes a different approach than all the other philosophers on trying to figure out the origin of man and their so-called inequality. Rousseau’s point of view on the state of nature differs from other philosophers such as Locke and Hobbes. How do you find the origin of man? Where can the origin of civil society be traced back too? How are men perceived in the state of nature? Does inequality exist in the state of nature? In what ways are men unequal, if they are? How does property play into the state of nature? If there is no property in the state of nature, then how does one have a natural right to it? Man when in the state of nature are blessed with an enviable freedom. In Rousseau’s introduction to his discourse he states “There is no point in asking what the source of natural inequality is, because the answer can be found enunciated in the simple definition of the word” (pg 45).Rousseau is trying to find the exact moment in the origin of man “to mark in the development of things, the moment when, right taking the place of violence, nature was subjected to law. The main subject of Rousseau’s discourse is to find those things listed above and prove the source of…

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