The Basic Role Of The Nurse

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The basic role of the nurse is awareness of what to do during and after disasters. This should lessen panicking, paranoid and uncontrollable people running around. Knowing interventions when a disaster strikes will also lessen the death toll in many areas and will impact less on the affected as well as knowing what to do after disaster, and at least basic first aid, will enable students help the authorities in saving lives. To beginning with it will be good to get the meaning of disaster and the various types of disasters because each of them have different forms of intervention (Lunilee, 2011). Our educational system should include the training programs to the students from school level to rouse the helping nature in them at times of…show more content…
Natural disasters can be categorized as acute or slow in their onset. They are predictable because they cluster in geographical areas. These disasters include typhoons, hurricanes earthquakes, fire, cyclone, volcanic eruption. As for slow acting there are droughts and deforestation and pest infection (Veenema, T. 2009). It should be noted that some disasters can be man-made including use of explosives and the influence of bioterrorists movements.
Disasters with little or no advance notice such as terrorism events will often have more casualties because those affected have little time to make evacuation preparations. Disasters with warnings also carry their own dangers, because individuals can be injured attempting to prepare for the disaster or while evacuating. Public health disasters create pressing needs across a widespread region. In a pandemic, pressing and competing health needs occur within a close timeframe, producing a public health surge. In the recovery disaster phase, the immediate threat shifts to adjusting to a new normal in the affected community or region (Stanhope, M. 2012).
Nurses’ roles are subdivided into first response, assessment, communication, psychological, sheltering, recovery as well as community assessment. In mitigating the effect of disasters on social and health, development goals and
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