The Basic Union Philosophy Of The United States

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1.6 The Basic Union philosophy of the United States is that of “Business Unionism”. This focuses on benefits as opposed to long term goals. Some of the debates surrounding this philosophy are that unions have supported programs for social welfare and so the term Business Unionism has nothing to do with Business. Some say that unions are large supporters of legislation which improve working conditions and making the title “business union” more like legislation or political union so this title is not appropriate. Other people say that title of business union is unfair because some unionists want to increase the political interests of the unions and members. 2.6 Some of the features or characteristics of demographic trends are the largest organized group of workers are in the blue collar sector, semi-skilled workers. Professional employees are the largest group in the white collar sector. The north east and mid-west states have the highest amount of union members. Only 10 unions have a large percentage of union members and the public sector unions are gaining the largest membership. Women make up a smaller percentage of union members than men. The number of union members has increased by 9% and the number of union members of men has decreased by 8% since 1970. Since 1970 women are becoming a significant amount of the union workforce and more minorities are becoming union members. 3.7 The organization process is when employees or unions seek out the other to determine their

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