The Basic Values Of Confucianism Essay

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Many Asian cultures have religions that are deep rooted, which date back thousands of years. Although Confucius was Chinese, Confucianism has been practiced throughout all of Asia. In Korea, many of the practices when it comes to aging is based on the Confucian value of Filial Piety. “In Confucian philosophy, filial piety is a virtue of respect for one 's parents, elders, and ancestors” CITATION Wik16 l 1033 (Filial piety, n.d.). This is one of the three basic values of Confucianism, but often it is regarded as the most important. This value teaches people who practice Confucianism, and in turn is also taught to the people around them. Ultimately, it became a cultural value throughout Asia. In many western cultures, such as the Unites States, religion is not as highly regarded as it once was. In America, the majority of the population recognizes themselves as Protestants. “Western cultures tend to be youth-centric, emphasizing attributes like individualism and independence. This relates back to the Protestant work ethic, which ties an individual 's value to his or her ability to work — something that diminishes in old age” (How Many Seniors Really End Up In Nursing Homes?, 2016). The stigma of aging likely comes from the fear of death. In many western cultures, youthfulness is praised. On the other hand, many people who are in their forties and older are discriminated against. These culture often cater to the youth, while shunning the elderly. Even though the majority of

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