The Basics Of Building A Wardrobe

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Finally 22 will be providing clients both trendy styles and quality clothing when it comes to today’s apparel stepping up a notch from the mass market items that wear quickly compared to better quality items that last a lifetime. For the fashion savvy minded consumer the clothing lines will concentrate on current trends and accessories for changing the looks easily from casual to dressy. The basics of building a wardrobe that’s ready for any occasion is to shop with the current trends in mind and focus on how the pieces will work together overtime. Every closet needs some variety, moderation in trendy styles and colors loaded with basic pieces that can go from day to night or special occasions. Finally 22 is looking to become the local resource for:
• Tops
• Jeans
• T-shirt
• Casual Pant
• Jackets
• Sweaters
• Dresses day and evening
• Skirts
• Shoes
• Jewelry and accessories
Whether it’s casual Friday at work or working with clients, casual outings or serious dating, running errands or just hanging out, Finally 22 has the look of quality from trendy, traditional styles incorporating laying and, pattern effects for simple silhouettes to more a finished and polished look. Try some new ideas with accessories and belts, wide leg pants and all-time favorite trench coat.
As the owner and CEO of Finally 22, Wahida Zahir will be responsible for managing the overall operations, handling the day-to-day affairs of the business. Ms. Zahir will be developing the…
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