The Basics Of Mediation Between An Addict And A Victim Of Abuse

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When I was nine years old, I was forced to learn the basics of mediation between an addict and a victim of abuse. I think about the paths I could have taken, had I not met the right people. The culture clichés I could have so easily followed had I chosen to conform rather than create an opportunity for myself. Through the use of persuasive communication, I was able to guide my father away from violence. I remember having trouble my early years of school as I soon became my father’s drinking partner. He needed someone to talk to at late hours of the night and I was always available. I would like to say that I am motivated by the positivity in my life, but that would be a lie. In return I do believe it that the negativity I experienced early on and difficulties I faced in childhood that helped shape my focus as I experimented with different careers and fields of study. I have continuously battled the culture of patriarchy entrenched through my background and authority figures. I had to battle my autocratic ruler mentally, verbally and — in unfortunate instances — physically. Although my animosity for my mother’s inability to walk away from my father’s dominance grew as an adult, I was enlightened by her willingness to serve others. I grew up in a border city, known for its inability to progress and recalled for its femicides. These femicides were an epidemic that casually built up awareness through media but fizzled out against what news producers believed to be more

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