The Basics of Toilet Training Essay

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The process of toilet training may be considered the most challenging process that parents encounter with their child during the early stages of his or life. Toilet training can be described as an individualized developmental process that all children will progress at their own developmental pace and temperament, not the child’s chronological age. Toilet training should be a natural result of the child’s developmental readiness. Therefore the primary goal can only be achieved when the child is ready and willing. Just like any learning process for a child, including toilet training, it effects the development of the whole child and it is important that the child has the necessary physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills to begin.…show more content…
During the toilet training process, a child must obtain body awareness and be able to associate bodily sensation to the result that follows, poop or pee. Then after he masters that skill he must acquire the certain skills that will allow him to picture what he wants to do (use the toilet), create a plan to get here, begin using it, and remain in place long enough to finish, which requires both memory and concentration (Wolraich 26). The next and probably most difficult readiness sign a parent must recognize before starting the toilet training process is emotional growth.
There are many emotional issues that can greatly affect toilet training that include a eagerness for independence, a child’s need for control, testing of rules and limits, desire to win parents’ approval, and fears of toilet use. If a child resists the idea of using the toilet when mentioned he may be experiencing an emotional issue and the parent should wait for a better time to follow through with the process. If the child is continually repeating signs of resistance a parent may want to rethink if it is too soon to begin the process and understand that the child may be going through a major change in the his life that is creating stress. Parents should know that it is not the best time to toilet train when a new baby is expected soon or has recently arrived, the family has newly moved, the child has just
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