The Basics on Brazil

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So with the many things you can do, this is Brazil. So, Brazil occupies about half of South America, meaning Brazil alone is larger than the contiguous United States of America (the original 48 states). Brazil is located south of the equator, it borders the Atlantic Ocean, and is the largest country in South America. Brazil occupies 3,287,557 square miles with 3,205,080 being land and 21,411 square miles being water. Brazil borders most South American countries. Brazil’s northern section is occupied by the Amazon Rain forest while the south is plains that consist of swamps and marshes. The coast runs along the east. There are also mountains including the Brazilian Highlands that run from the east to the north and the go west to the Amazon. The north is tropical while the south is more temperate. Brazil is a Federal Republic with 26 states. Their president and Chief of State is Dilma Rouseff. The president holds office for four years and can run for an additional for years. There are 81 senators to each state. The 1988 constitution change gives more powers to the federal government. The cabinet is chosen by the president. The capital is Brasilia. Brazil gained independence from Portugal on September 7, 1822. Suffrage is voluntary between 16 to under 18 and over 70 years of age. If…

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