The Basketball Dream of Luigi Essay

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Once there lived Luigi, who was a great basketball player. He was practicing at plexsports to get ready for his tryout for the NBA draft. He was nervous because he heard from his friends that one judge is very powerful and mean. If that one judge says no, and the other judges say yes, he would never get in the NBA .The next day at 2:00 p.m. Luigi went to the gym to practice; he made a goal to practice whenever he could.The next day was the tryout, he was as scared a black cat at night. Afterwards, he entered the tryout gym, Luigi was very worried but confident, he just wanted to get over with it. So, at the tryout, the judges asked him to get around the defence with his best moves. The three judges, Budda, Ladoo and Steve all watched…show more content…
Luigi was very curious about why Budda would give the guy a zero. 20 minutes later, after his tryout it was score time. “10, perfect Luigi” answered Steve. “10, amazing Luigi” agreed Ladoo. James Lebron and Luigi was hoping that this time her would get at least 6 instead of a zero because he only needed 26 points to get in, so far he had 20. “5” announced Budda. “Come on Budda, Luigi can beat any NBA star on a 1 on 1, guaranteed” yelled James Lebron “Yeah, Luigi vs Chris Losh,” shouted Steve “Fine, if Luigi beats Chris Losh he is in, if not he is out, first one to 20 points wins,” said Budda. 2 minutes later, Chris Losh and Luigi were facing off to get in the draft. Afterwards it is 18 - 18 tied and next basket wins. With just 20 seconds left, Luigi shoots a three - pointer and wins it. “Uhhh, well a deal is a deal so, now you’re in the NBA draft,” Budda murdered. “Good Game!” said Chris Losh. Afterwards, James Lebron said “hard work pays off, and you did it! Congrats buddy!” lA couple hours later, Luigi and James Lebron started to celebrate, and Luigi’s mother and James Lebron were very proud of him. A month later, it was draft day the NBA commissioner said… “The first round first pick, the Miami Lightning select Luigi Smith from Canada.” Just then James Lebron said, “Looks like you are going to play on my team for a

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