The Bastard Out Of Carolina

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Bastard out of Carolina is a novel which examines the expectation of a mother-child relationship, child maltreatment and gender roles. It is based on the narrative of Ruth Anne “Bone” Boatright who grows up in rural Greenville County, South Carolina in the 1950’s and 60’s. Bone’s 15 year old mother, Anney Boatright, conceived Bone out of wedlock after being injured in a car accident which ultimately led to an “illegitimate” stamp on Bones’ birth certificate. Bone was raised in a very disadvantaged part of town. In an attempt to make sense of the chaotic and confusing dark world she lives in, she looked at her extended non-traditional family for support (grandmother, Aunts, uncles and cousins). Circumstances regarding socio-economic status, gender, race, sexuality and child maltreatment play out in Bone 's life as well as in her relationships with others throughout the novel. The focus is on Bone’s relationship with her mother Anney, the abuse that Bone endured from Anney’s second husband Glen “Daddy Glen” Waddell and Anney’s attempt to deal with the abuse she eventually witnessed herself.
Bone endured maternal neglect from Anney as Anney ignored the long-term abuse and ultimately ran away with the abuser to continue a relationship. Even after several witnessed beatings, Anney would allow her “love” for Glen overpowers her need to protect and love Bone. Bone was also a victim of physical, psychological and sexual abuse. After a couple of years into the relationship with…
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