The Bataan Death March : A Brutal Journey Through Malnutrition

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In 1942, America faced its worst defeat. 22,000 Americans soldiers and thousands of Filipino soldiers were attacked in the Philippines by Japan. American and Filipino soldiers fought for as long as we could before we surrendered to the Japanese. Japan took 76,000 hostages and marched them across the Philippines. This horrific journey was know as the Bataan Death March. The Bataan Death March was a ruthless, brutal journey through malnutrition, illness, persecution and ultimately death.(Norman,2015)
On December 7, 1942, hours prior to the attack on the Philippines, Japan attacked America 's Pearl Harbor. Japan sunk numerous American Naval Ships, while killing thousands from an unexpected aerial attack. Japan moved quickly to the Philippines deploying several groups of Japanese soldiers into the Filipino jungle and bombing airfield bases, shipyards, and harbors. Japan took over the capital of the Philippines and other larger cities and surrounded the American-Filipino military bases and trapped several platoons taking them prisoner. Japan continued to capture platoons and seize large cities, and finally on January 1, 1942 American and Filipino soldiers declared war on Japan. This battle was called the Battle of Bataan. The Battle of Bataan was very unexpected, Japan was relying on a quick fall of the American base and America did not see it coming. General Douglas MacArthur, commander of the American-Filipino army thought they were prepared for

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