The Bathroom Bill Should Not Be A Federally Mandated Law

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This month will make a year that everyone has kept their eye out on North Carolina due to the House Bill 2, also known as the “bathroom bill,” they passed March 23rd of 2016. This particular bill requires Transgender people to use the restroom of the gender assigned to them at birth. It also “banned any minimum-wage increases or anti-discrimination statutes local governments might pass” (McCLELLAND 40). Not only did this aggravate the LGBT community, it has agitated many of their supporters, specially celebrities. The bill has caused a media firestorm, so many are protesting within and without North Carolina’s state lines. Regardless of where the commotion started, everyone has had their take on it. It is called “freedom of speech,” it…show more content…
According to Bockting, a Transgender means having a gender identity that differs from the sex assigned at birth. Then continues by stating, gender identity is the basic conviction of being man, woman, or other. He lastly defines sexual orientation as to one’s sexual attraction, behavior, and emotional attachments to men, women, or both. All of these are his psychological definitions, which he mainly uses when discussing the challenges Transgender people face. In attribute to social stress, Transgender people are more vulnerable to symptoms of depression and anxiety (APA). They also struggle with self-esteem, they ask themselves questions about why they should be who they are if society is saying NO. Understanding and compassionate mental health providers have often been an important part of that. This bill has caused so many to speak out, Transgenders and their supporters have protested, made speeches, tweeted, they have done anything to get the word out for what they believe in. A Transgender man, Joaquin Carcano, has definitely had a lot to say, but he spoke out because he is tired. He is tired of the discrimination and fear. Time shared his inspiring words that have captured the very essence of what all Transgenders are feeling. “As members of the Transgender
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