The Battle Against Obesity Is A Health Issue Of Great Importance

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For community and public health nurses alike, the battle against obesity is a health issue of great importance. Obesity is shown to be directly responsible for many of the negative health issues we see today. It contributes to higher risk of having chronic disease and poor health (which will be explained). Obesity is a nationwide epidemic stretching across the whole human development spectrum: from childhood obesity, adolescent obesity and adult obesity. The prevalence of children being overweight is growing and moving rapidly fast. Therefore, to address the obesity epidemic, community and public health nurses work at combating the causality on the local plane, state plane, and society as a whole. Their action also involves working with the policy makers to put in place the right policies that will make the most difference. In this paper, I will explain what is obesity, why it’s an important health concern, what are nurses doing to intervene, how do we solve and find the right answers to change the rates of obese Americans. And, what are the current inter-collaborations of the healthcare team as it relates to the community and public health. According to Gail A. Harkness, “public health is what society does collectively to ensure that conditions exist in which people can be healthy”.
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