The Battle At Bunker Hill

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The Battle at Bunker Hill had many events leading up to, and causing the event. The first of these was the Battle at Lexington and Concord which ultimately slowed the British down and keeping them inside Boston by Minute Men. Then Fort Ticonderoga was captured by Benedict Arnold, and the Green Mountain Boys. These two events were the start of the tensions between Great Britain and the Colonies. Later this tension became physical and appearing on the battle field. The Colonies decided they needed to talk about it, so the Second Continental Congress took place, it was here that it was decided that the Colonies would try and separate from their Mother Country, so the Continental Army was formed the Congress came to a conclusion “All voted in favor and Washington became the new Commander-in-Chief” (Yost, 2011, p. 2). The Continental Army’s first mission was to fortify Breed’s Hill and defend it from the British coming from Boston, which Breed’s Hill and Bunker Hill overlooked. The British wanted these positions in order to completely fortify Boston and drive all the Patriots out of the area. On June 16, 1775, a day before the actual battle was fought, the Colonial Army decided to move from Bunker Hill to Breed’s Hill. This is where most of the battle was fought; it was never correctly changed since the fight. The reason for the switch is simple, and makes sense for the small, independent and poor militia. The men “built earthen fortifications on top of Breed’s Hill, overlooking

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