The Battle Between Bottled Water And Tap Water

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When enjoying themselves in amusement parks and water parks, when people get thirsty they tend to grab the easiest thing at their disposal- bottled water, and many different brands to choose from. Likewise, during the night when people don’t want to make the full trek into the kitchen to grab some water, they just head to the sink and cup their hands to drink the tap water. It’s an easy decision at that moment, people just know that they’re thirsty and that they want the nearest source of water. Are these people really choosing the safest water for their health though? The battle between bottled water and tap water has since long been a debate, and many people don’t know what possible health implications could be from what they’re drinking. In a study conducted with students from the University of Birmingham, the students admitted that convenience was more of a reason to buy bottled water than potential health benefits (Ward, Owen, Ryan et al). The problem with this method of thinking is that people could be choosing the more dangerous water. Another study showed that a lot of people associate bottled water with a “higher standard of living” (Bottled Water… ). Many people seem to think that bottled water is the safer option, the students from the University of Birmingham agreeing, thinking that bottled water has more minerals being put in (Ward, Owen, Ryan et al). Bottled water is sometimes gotten from the same source as tap water, but the manufactures add in more minerals

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