The Battle Between Carthage And Rome

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The three Punic Wars was a series of battles fought between Carthage and Rome that lasted almost a century from 264 BC to 149 BC. As Carthage had the leading power of Western Mediterranean and Rome’s control over the peninsula of Italy. However, both of the two states had different intensions over the island of Sicily leading to the battles of the Punic Wars that soon later ended in a total defeat for Carthage. With the desire of controlling the island of Sicily, Carthage would still have the dominance power over the Mediterranean and as for Rome, it would strengthen its land defense policy and expand its Republic. In 264 BC, the first Punic War started when Rome wanted to expand their Republic by taking control of Sicily which at the time was under Carthage. Carthage had the advantage, as they avoided land-based battles and continued to fight using their strong navy. Rome, however, had built their navy over time and developed strategies that allowed its trained soldiers to take part in naval ship-to-ship battles. In the end, Rome had won the first Punic War between Carthage in 249 BC. As a result, Carthage not only had to surrender Sicily to the Romans but also signed a peace treaty agreeing to pay tribute. In the second Punic War, there were three major battles that was fought in the beginning between 218 BC to 202 BC. These battles were led by a great military leader and son of the previous Carthage leader who is now in command, Hannibal. With the battles fought in
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