The Battle Between Government And Education

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The Battle between Government and Education
Education is a valid way to gauge how successful a country is. Every year thousands of children attend public schools in the US. These children are the hoe for this country’s future; their generation and the generations after will be the drivers for technological and economic success in the US. However, the education system is severely underfunded. A large percentage of these children attend schools that don’t have the necessary materials to learn. They attend classes taught by underqualified teachers getting paid very little. Not only that, I believe that funding schools based on test scores is a method that is severely flawed. Funding schools in this way creates a loop, where schools that haven’t done very well will not get the chance to improve their scores and therefore will keep their low test scores. This combination of problems creates a system where children aren’t getting the opportunity to succeed. In this paper I will argue that the public school system in the United States is flawed because of lack of funding, an illogical system for the distribution of funds to schools, and the level of disparity there is between schools.
The Budget Problem Time and time again education seems to be a low priority of budget makers in the government. Every year more schools have their budgets cut significantly. When the recession in 2008 hit states were eager to find cuts in the government, and one of the first things…
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