The Battle Between Relaxation And Laziness

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Imagine living in the world of WALL-E, where everyone is riding on floating chairs everywhere he/she goes. Becoming obese and not being able to support your own weight anymore because of it. Well this is what the world today is going towards; everyone wants to “relax” and not be as active anymore. People have thrown the words laziness and relaxation into a blender together and mixed them up. However, there was a little too much laziness added into the recipe. Relaxation has a whole different meaning, compared to laziness, unfortunately people can’t see it. They are blinded by the thought “Oh I can just do it tomorrow” or “Well it’s not due till next week”. These thoughts throws people into traps that cause much more suffering than what…show more content…
They think just sitting on the couch and watching Netflix all day is “relaxing”. With this attitude towards the word relaxation, comes procrastination. Procrastination leads to an immense amount of stress which is a complete opposite of relaxation. In order to truly relax, people must set all of their worries aside and find an inner peace within themselves. Complete their tasks that need to be done and finally enjoy life with nothing bringing them down. This is true relaxation because it allows people to be free from the usual daily life and getaway from worries.
Sitting on the couch and watching Netflix maybe a way for someone to relax, however for most this isn’t enough. Going to a beautiful place to connect with nature is a very strong method towards relaxation. To find true relaxation people need to look at themselves and see what gives them peace. For hikers it might be hiking atop a high mountain and looking out across the world. For bikers it may be taking a ride around town with their friends and enjoying the breeze blowing past them. Or for video gamers relaxation may come from just playing a game for fun instead of for the win. Many people will have many different ways to relax, they just have to find it for themselves.
In order to achieve true relaxation, people need to check off everything on their to-do list. Students struggle with this step more than others. Classes, homework,
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