The Battle For Equal Rights Among Women Essay

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The battle for equal rights among women was a prolonged and challenging movement that stretched over two centuries of American history and is arguably one of the most important reform efforts in our nation’s affairs. The 1995 PBS documentary, “One Woman, One Vote” successfully established an informative timeline, using letters, film reels, photographs and a variety of voices, to recreate the events during this strenuous fight for equality. In a 72 year existence of the Declaration of Independence and woman having no right over their children, their own bodies and absolutely no political foothold; woman ceased to exist legally for far too long. Half of the citizens in America were keeping the other half from the ballots and those who cited women of having no rights were accused of blasphemy. The year of 1848, declared a necessary and paramount social issue, woman’s suffrage, in high hopes to prompt change among the western nation. These women knowingly commenced a revolution that would change the course of history forever. Lingering over the course of 72 years, the women’s suffrage movement developed in four stages of monumental history. At the time of the first stage, beginning in 1848, woman began to organize for their own rights. During the month of July on this year was the first ever United States woman’s rights convention. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, an American suffrage activist and leading figure in the movement, appeared as the group’s leader. Familiar faces, such as,
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