The Battle For Gender Equality Has Long Been A Heated Issue

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The battle for gender equality has long been a heated issue plaguing men and women all around the world. But what exactly constitutes gender equality, what does it mean to be equal? Why does gender equality matter so much in the first place? After all, are we not all human beings? The issue surrounding gender equality is a complex issue because the concept of gender in itself is a social construction. This makes the notion of gender dynamic and volatile. How one is perceived and categorized in society’s gender binary determines whether the system works in their favor or not, and there in part lies the problem. Sexism, patriarchy, misogyny, misandry all describe notions in which one gender group, or sex group, is favored over the other.…show more content…
I was stuck in this traditional Mexican culture bubble where patriarchy and male privilege were all I ever really knew. In my household there were clearly defined gender roles. Perhaps it did not help that my mother was the only woman in my family, or that our culture was so traditional in their way of thinking. From what I can recall, my father was absent for a greater part of my childhood, leaving the task of raising me to my mother. While I never really had a male figure to directly push the man gender role identity into me, this gender identity and expression found its way in via my mother. My mother raised me to fit the traditional gender role of most typical men in the Mexican culture. She never made my brothers and I do house chores. She always fed us first and once the men were fed, she would then go ahead and eat by herself. She always put our needs above her own. In this regard, my mother unconsciously pushed the notion of male privilege into my brothers and I to the point where I became to see this kind of behavior as natural. The fact that sexist behaviors that existed within my household became a natural reality to me is explained by Linda Brannon (2011) as she explains how male-dominated cultures still exist because both men and women establish master-subordinate roles that support the unequal system (p. 68). Since my mother grew up experiencing only one reality, that of subordination, she unconsciously kept the sexist discriminatory behavior alive by
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