The Battle House Renaissance Hotel

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These are some of the most haunted locations in Alabama. Guests and staff at many of the hotels have reported sightings of ghostly apparitions or other peculiar happenings.

Battle House Renaissance Hotel
There are many old stories about deaths in the Battle House. In one story, a man who was having an affair with a married woman was beaten to death in one of the rooms on the fifth floor. Another spooky story is that a bride couldn 't wait for her groom anymore and hung herself in the Crystal Ballroom. Guests have reported plenty of ghostly experiences in the hotel. One guest reported flashes of bright lights in her room. Another guest reported feeling and seeing the bed dip as if someone sat on it. Those both happened on the fourth floor. Faucets have turned on and off during the night as well.

Fort Conde Inn
Ghost hunters have investigated much of the surrounding area near the inn. They 've heard eerie whisperings on voice recorders as well as light touches. On the second floor of the inn itself, there have been reports of voices when there is no one else around. Many people have reported a sense that someone is near them on the second floor. The housekeeper at the inn saw her mop bucket roll slowly down the stairs. It stopped and after a few seconds rolled the rest of the way down the stairs.

The Hotel Highland - Pickwick Hotel
In the early years of this hotel, it was actually a medical building. The basement was used as a morgue. It could be where most of the

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