The Battle Of Antietam ( Sears )

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“The roar of the infantry was beyond anything conceivable to the uninitiated” wrote a Union officer during the battle of Antietam (Sears). The battle of Antietam was just one of the many battles of the American Civil War, and possibly the most significant. This battle was a pivotal point during the war, which gave the North the power to win the American Civil War. There are three main reasons why there was a civil war in the United States. One well known reason was slavery. The South wanted to continue adding slaves to new states, while the North didn’t. The debate about the future of slavery was a big problem. This caused a feud between the North and South. The North didn’t see the need for slaves due to a huge population of people from Ireland and Germany immigrating into the North. The German and Irish could be hired as cheap labor, instead of having slaves. The North also didn 't have plantations with crops that needed to be constantly cared for. Another huge reason the Civil War started was due to Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was known to be opposed to slavery. This belief seemed very threatening to the slave states. Although Lincoln stated that he wouldn’t interfere with the states that currently had slavery, the South still looked at him poorly. South Carolina seceded from the United States in 1860, just over a month after Lincoln was elected. After that Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida followed South Carolina in secession. This shows how
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