The Battle Of Antietam Was The Turning Point Of American History

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The battle of Antietam was the turning point in American history pertaining to the possible division of the nation, the abolishment of slavery, and the success of a democratic government. The battle analysis examines the strengths and weaknesses of the Confederate and Union army leading up to the battle on September 17, 1862. Union and Confederate forces suffered severe losses totaling 22,719 casualties, ending with Confederate forces withdrawing to the south. Broken and unmotivated, Union and Confederate soldiers lost morale and drive to finish the battle. The fact that Lee withdrew from the battle of Antietam was enough of a victory for President Lincoln to justify the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation, and prevented the Confederate army from gaining foreign support. The battle analysis of Antietam assesses the invasion of Maryland, human intelligence assets utilized, and failures on both sides of the battlefield. This battle analysis will depict an alternate outcome of the Confederate army winning at the battle of Antietam (Cannon, 1994).
President Abraham Lincoln took office on November 6, 1860, three months later eleven states seceded from the Union to form the Confederate States of America. Lincoln wanted to eradicate slavery and issue the Emancipation Proclamation. He knew it would be hard to unite the north and south, due to southern reliance on slavery in the cotton fields. Confederates were fully aware of President Lincoln’s plan to abolish slavery
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