The Battle Of Battle For Okinawa

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Raining Steel Having in-direct fire assets helped to impact the battle of Okinawa enormously. There were dilemmas, troubles, and endeavors. This battle leads to the progression of our artillery. It educated the military and artillery showing it is difficult to shoot, move, and communicate effectively when moving with the fast pace of a battle. Throughout the 82 day battle, they used marine air, artillery, mortars, and naval gunfire. Artillery provided fires delaying, disrupting, and destroying the enemy, proving who the true king of battle is. The battle for Okinawa begin on 01Apr1945 and went until 22Jun1945. The capture of Okinawa was part of the plan to win the Far East war. The island of Okinawa is a part of a group of islands at the southern end of Japan. The main focus for the Americans were four airfields that were on the island that they wanted to control. The forces that made up the American landing party were the III Amphibious Corps and XXIV Corps, making the Tenth U.S. Army under the command of Lieutenant General Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr. American forces had not been able to gather very much intelligence about the island which made it difficult to determine how many enemy forces there have been. There were over 130,000 Japanese troops waiting on the island. There were over 450,000 civilians which made operations harder for American forces. The enemy forces were mainly down in the southern sector of the island waiting for the Americans. The beach
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