The Battle Of Defending The Red Army Essay

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The date is August 15, 1942. 19 year old Alexei Petrov has been on edge for the last two days as German forces continue to siege the city of Stalingrad. Alexei and 100,000 other soldiers of the Red Army are tasked with the arduous mission of defending the city at all costs. Joseph Stalin has ordered a no retreat policy, and made it clear that it is paramount to win the siege of Stalingrad. It has been a year and a few months since the Germans invaded the Soviet Union and it seems as though nothing could exacerbate the German advance. Alexei Petrov was born May 28, 1923, to a family of 2 sisters in St. Petersburg. His father was a shopkeeper and his mother was a secretary. His family was not wealthy, nor insolvent. A year and a half earlier, Alexei was working in his father’s shop and was his apprentice. He was a tall, muscular young man who was very athletic. Also, he had pale skin, with light blue eyes, and dark brown hair. Alexei was an erudite young man, with a promising future. Alexei had morals and was an honest young adult. He had no ambition of joining the army as he did not condone killing a human being. However, in the summer of 1941, he was drafted just as most men his age were. He had been fighting on the front lines for almost a year and had witnessed more tragedy than anyone should have to in his/her whole life. By August of 1942 Alexei was no longer a fledgling as he had been fighting for a year. He began the fight on the Soviet-German border located in
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