The Battle Of Fort Sumter

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The battle at Fort Sumter why it occurred, what happen, and how did this battle affect the war itself. Why was it significant to the outcome of the war?
Alanea Rainey
History 121
Georgia Military College

On March 5, 1861 the day after President Lincoln inauguration of the United States, The president received a message (Beringer, Why the South lost the Civil War). In attempt by the confederate government to settle differences with the union were sponged by Lincoln and the confederate felt it could no longer tolerate a foreign force in its territory (Goldfield, 2002). Lincoln ingeniously devised a plan that would case the Confederates to fire the first shot and hoped to inspire the states that had not yet seceded to unite in effort to restore the union (Goldfield, 2002). Major Robert Anderson, who commanded the United States forces at Charleston, made the decision to withdraw from the land and forts surrounding Charleston to the harbor fortress of Fort Sumter because of the dangerous situations (Davis, 1958). He commanded almost 100 troops and desperately needed reinforcements with supplies of both food and ammunition (Schweikart, 2004).
When: On, March 4, 1861, Anderson reported to President Lincoln who was just inaugurated for help on supplies (Schweikart, 2004). On The next morning, the confederate opened fire on Fort Sumter because they were not allowed on United States soil (Schweikart, 2004). Fort Sumter is located in Charleston, South Carolina…

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