The Battle Of Fort Wagner

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The Battle of Fort Wagner consisted of two battles the second being the most deadly and the most famous of the battles. There were several events and terrain features that cost the Union these battles during the attempted siege of Fort Wagner. Even though the Battles were a complete loss there’s several things that came from the battles that had lasting impacts on the war and America. The Union Army wanted to destroy Fort Sumter to allow the Union Navy access to Charleston Harbor so they Navy could attack the city directly. Before the Union could wage an attack on Fort Sumter they had to destroy Fort Wagner so they could gain control of the Fort bombard and destroy Fort Sumter. Fort Wagner was a Confederate Fort located on Morris Island…show more content…
Putnam. In the battle of Fort Wagner Gillmore also worked closely with Rear Adm. John A. Dahlgren’s Federal fleet. The first battle of Fort Wagner took place early morning on July 10th and 11th, 1863, where the Union Army began with an amphibious assault from the south which drove all Confederate forces back to Fort Wagner. During this battle the Union Army captured 150 Confederate soldiers. Some historians speculate that Fort Wagner could have possibly been destroyed if Gillmore wouldn’t have rested that day of the 10th when he drove the Confederates back to the Fort. Because Gillmore rested after the first battle it gave Taliaferro more time to reinforce the Fort for the following day where the Confederate army repelled an attack against the 7th Connecticut infantry. This mistake cost the Union army 330 men and the Confederate side only lost 12 men. At 8:15am on July 18, 1863 the second battle of Fort Wagner commenced. It was initiated by four federal land batteries and the Federal Fleet that shelled from the sea using 11 ships to include the “USS New Ironsides, a veritable floating gun platform sheathed in iron.” The Confederate soldiers incased all 14 cannons in sandbags hoping they would last the unrelenting shelling of the Federal Fleet, which hurled shells at the Fort weighing up to 400 pounds. The Confederate men retreated to the belly of the Fort where they held out the shelling suffering zero casualties and amazingly loosing few

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