The Battle Of Gettysburg As My Topic

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For the Historical Newspaper Analysis paper, I selected the Battle of Gettysburg as my topic to research. The reason I appointed this event as my subject matter was on the fact that I reside close to Gettysburg, and have heard of some of the events that developed there during the Civil War. Even though I live close to Gettysburg, I haven’t seen the reenactments that occur there or been on the tours Gettysburg offers. Since I would like to take part in a tour along with seeing the reenactments, I figured it would be helpful to gain a broader understanding of the events that transpired there before I visit Gettysburg to engage in the festivities. Accordingly, this is why I elected the Battle of Gettysburg as my topic. The tones of the articles that I reviewed for the Battle of Gettysburg were mostly positive and informative. After examining many Baltimore Sun Newspaper articles, I noticed that the articles stayed considerable positive by transforming negative situations into positive ones. For example, an article titled “The Battle of Gettysburg” declared that “General Reynolds, it seems more and more clear, fought rashly on Wednesday, and very probably against the wishes of the commander of the army; yet this battle, which lost us many men, gave us full information of the whereabouts of the enemy’s main body, and committed the enemy to the position the north of Gettysburg.” The author of this article took the negative event of many men losing their lives during battle, and
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