The Battle Of Inchon Landing

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The Battle of Inchon Landing WO1 Ryan P. Hoover Warrant Officer Basic Course 02-14 CW3 DATE Introduction On 25 June 1950, North Korea forces launched a surprise invasion on South Korea under the command of Kim Il-sung and the North Korean People’s Army. During this time, the North Korean People’s Army forced through the 38th parallel and pushed through the unprepared Republic of Korea forces to the Southeast Pusan peninsula. The approximately 125 mile defensive perimeter was where United Nation forces withdrew to by August, 1950 and held that Southeast position of the peninsula. While UN forces were outnumbered, commanders were in search for a new course of action that would help skew the war in favor of them. It was then General of the Army Douglas MacArthur first envisioned his plan for what would become the Battle of Inchon. Inchon is located in the Northwestern corner of modern South Korea and was a key location for the North Korean forces. Inchon, located just 25 miles west of the nation’s capital, Seoul, was a key location for North Korean resupplies . Friendly intelligence and air reconnaissance observed that there were two major supply lines that were along the two major highways coming from both the northeast and northwest. It was through these two major supply lines that North Korean forces were able to then disseminate supplies throughout the South Korean peninsula and ultimately down to the Pusan area in the southeast corner. Because Inchon

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