The Battle Of Iwo Jima

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he Battle of Iwo Jima was one of the bloodiest and fiercest battles of the Second World War in which the US Armed Forces captured the Iwo Jima Island from the Japanese. More than 6800 American servicemen lost their lives in the battle and thus the battle has come to known as the deadliest battle in Marine Corps history. Iwo Jima was an island strategically positioned and highly fortified as its three airfields were used to stage attacks on the US at the Pacific War. It was therefore Americas target to capture the island and use it to stage attacks on Japans mainland and use the airfields as emergency landing strips for the US Navy planes damaged during war. According to The Washington Post a small group gathered on Thursday February 18th…show more content…
According to Kepler who had travelled all the way from Oxford, her father had never been specifically honored for his service at Iwo Jima as he had never opened up on his involvement in the battle. It wasn’t until his death in 1971 after his death that Kepler found that she found a book and a diary that Strecker wrote while at war that she learnt that her father served with the Navy’s Pacific Fleet from 1942 to 1946. That he was stationed on a submarine chaser during World War II. And that he served at the Battle of Iwo Jima, which began 70 years ago Thursday.

During the commemoration, a large wreath arranged with red, white and blue flowers was placed at the base of the memorial’s Pacific Arch. A bugler from the U.S. Marine Band sounded taps as some in attendance stood in salute. The chairman of the Friends of the National World War II Memorial described the occasion as not only solemn but also joyous and which succeeding generations should be introduced to so as to honor the sacrifices. Kepler and her elder sister on the other hand were happy and grateful for getting an opportunity to honor their father and give him the recognition he deserved. Kepler made copies of the diary to give her sisters and will be donating the original to the Naval Heritage Center in Washington (Paulina). The article relates to the World War II which took
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