The Battle Of Iwo Jima

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The Battle of Iwo Jima, February 19th through March 17th of 1945, was one of the most significant battles in World War II. Part of the Japanese island chain, it was the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the Pacific Theater. !!!The Battle of Iwo Jima - Origins Edgar L. Jones, a writer for ' 'The Atlantic Monthly ' ' and an eyewitness to the battle had this to say about the conflict after the battle was over: ' 'No one who was at Iwo Jima can analyze the battle objectively. The carnage was so horrifying that the blood and agony of the struggle saturated one 's mind . . . Iwo was unlike any war I had ever seen. It was a fight to the finish, with no man asking for quarter until he was dead . . . all except a few score of the…show more content…
[{Image src= 'tadamichi_kuribayashi.jpg ' caption= 'Lt. General Tadamichi Kuribayashi of the Japanese Imperial Army '}] General Kuribayashi knew all too well the size of the American force that was arrayed against him and also knew that his defeat was virtually assured. However, being an excellent commander, he could not allow his troops to believe this and made morale a high priority by promising victory. He departed from conventional defensive tactics, which normally would have advocated a concentration of forces on the beach. Instead he chose the high ground and based his operations to a large extent on the highest point on the island, __Mt. Suribachi__. He had miles of tunnels dug inside the mountain, which included big artillery pieces that would fire down on the beach. So ingenious were his preparations that he had large steel doors close each time the gun fired so Marines could not fire on the position. His counterpart, Fleet Admiral (the highest grade in the US Navy) Chester W. Nimitz was every bit his equal as a leader and organizer. Nimitz was a master at logistics and getting supplies and men exactly where they had to be. In addition, he was a dogged strategist, who once engaged in battle would not back down. His problem was transporting three full divisions of US Marines to the beaches of Iwo Jima. This he accomplished as the time for the amphibious landing drew near. !!!Hitting the
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