The Battle Of Lancaster And The House Of York Ending The Civil Wars Of The Roses

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The battle of Bosworth was the last battle of major significance for the House of Lancaster and the House of York ending the civil Wars of the Roses. [5] Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond brought in the house of Tudor closing the Plantagenet dynasty.[5] The ending of the wars put to rest the feudalism because of the great loss of property and lives of the nobles making it difficult to protest against the strength of the Tudor monarchy. The problem came about from financial and social trouble that followed the hundred years of war, along with the weak ruler ship of Henry VI. Richard in his first and only parliament wanted three main areas of legislation to be covered: the ratification of himself as king, passing of acts of attainder…show more content…
David’s.[3] A struggle between the House of York and the house of Lancaster broke out; which became a series of wars known as The War of the Roses. The kingship was based on the royal bloodline and the kings relied upon the support of the powerful Lords to keep their position. [5] Both Henry Tudor and Richard III believed each had claims to the English throne as they were both descended from Edward III.[2] Henry Lancastrian’s claim to the throne was from Edward III’s son, John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster.[2] In 1339 Henry of Bolingbroke; John’s son imprisoned, Richard II who was the son of Edward, the Black Prince..[2] Henry IV became king, passing his crown to his son Henry V who passed the crown to Henry VI. Henry VI was becoming unpopular, due to corruption within his government, his policy of peace with France and the economic situation in

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