The Battle Of Marathon And Salamis

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Nico Poalillo
The Battle of Marathon and The Battle of Salamis

The Battles of Marathon and Salamis each play an extremely important in early Greek History for many reasons. They were not only battles in which the Greeks showed their military prowess, but they were both battles which if lost, the future of Greece would most likely have been changed forever. On this day, September 11th in the year 490 BC, off of the Eastern Coast of Greece, a fleet of ships was amassing in the distance headed towards the beach of Marathon. A massive fleet of 600 ships filled to the brim with Persian invaders, their goal was to invade and occupy the city of Athens, which would have given them an extremely vital mainland base in the center of early Greece. The Persian army consisted of 30,000 highly skilled troops from all over the Persian Empire; the Greeks had about 11,000 troops. The Persians had horsemen from East Asia and archers from India, where the Greeks only had their high armored foot soldiers who had seen very little battles in their lives. At the time Athens was the most influential city because it had adopted the early Greek way of governing called Democracy. Athens had exiled its king and moved into a democratic society, which seemed to make a lot more people happy, they were really starting to embrace the Greek mentality of self-rule and the power of the individual. When the Greek army got wind of the impending Persian invasion via the Marathon coast, they knew that
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