The Battle Of Massachusetts Bay Colony

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In the early 1600s, colonies such as Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maryland, were built on various religious principles. In addition to the colonist focus on gaining their independence and having the freedom to live as they chose; away for England 's ruling. However, religion was a major battle for those upcoming settlements. Many had their own perception of what they thought was the truth about the Bible and if anyone opposed their belief, harm was due to them. Around this time, many searched earnestly for the truth, so to find it, they came up with different denominations of Christianity such as Puritans, Protestants, and Catholic. These religions drifted away from Biblical principles and turned to what individuals chose to believe and/or not believe. By this, colonies of Rhode Island, Maryland, and Massachusetts were built and greatly influenced by such beliefs. In Massachusetts, John Winthrop, the first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, told his fellow Puritans that they were a chosen people on a divine mission (Tindall 71). Which led them to the desire of wanting to set an example for England of what godly people looked like. Winthrop was a man who believed in leading religiously and in order; not democratically. By this, if you were a Dissenter, religions such as Quakers or Catholics, you were persecuted and sometimes it lead to death. Those who weren’t Puritan’s had very few rights and one would be the right to vote (Tindall 73). The government of the
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