The Battle Of Midway Saw The Sinking Of The Japanese Carriers

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The battle of Midway saw the sinking of the Japanese carriers, Akagi; Soryu; Hiryu and Kaga as well as the cruiser Mikuma. The American navy lost one carrier which was the USS Yorktown. The Battle resulted in the deaths of 2500 Japanese navy men and 307 deaths to the American navy. The Japanese had lost invaluable sailors in the battle as the crew on board the aircraft carriers were highly trained and had many years of experience working on the complex carriers.(Source E) So when the Japanese started to build new aircraft carriers they found that it was difficult to appoint crew has many had not enough experience, this heavily delayed and cost the Japanese as by this stage the American army had begun their campaign in taking back the islands the Japanese had taken over months before. Since 1930 the Japanese conquests with the Chinese had cause ever increasing friction with the US. From the early 1940s America had banned exports of strategic materials such as scrap iron and metal to the Japanese Empire, then in 1941 they lead and oil embargo and froze all of the Japanese assets. This had huge effects on the Japanese Empire as they imported 90% of their oil. Because of this the Japanese leadership made the decision to invade and take over neighbouring territories and take their resources which Japan lacked. But before this could be done they faced a great and powerful obstacle, the American naval fleet at Hawaii’s Pearl Harbour. And thus this lead to Japan’s attack on Pearl
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