The Battle Of Milne Bay

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During World War Two, Australian involvement in battles such as Milne Bay, in the Pacific theatre during 1942, contributed significantly to the course of the War. intro The Battle of Milne Bay was fought from August 25 to September 7 and was one of the most vital land battles protecting the Australian land mass from the Japanese that Australians have ever conducted. Milne Bay is located on the eastern tail of New Guinea. In May 1942, this area became of interest to senior Allied officers, when General Douglas MacArthur made the decision to establish an airbase here, so that aircraft could control over the eastern seaward approaches. It was in July 1942, that development of the first airstrips began at Milne Bay. Australian infantry and American engineers were sent to begin clearing land for the airstrips and the base here would support them. During the following weeks, more ships with men arrived, also bringing more supplies and equipment for base development. The objective of the Allies was to maintain these land positions from Japanese hold as quoted; “Much like the Japanese base at Sanananda a large proportion of the Allies at Milne Bay were devoted to non-combat tasks; building, maintaining and supplying the base and its most important component, the airfield”.
By the end of August, nearly nine thousand Allied personnel, mostly Australian were based at Milne Bay. Environmental conditions here…

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