The Battle Of Mu By Gabriel 152

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The battle of Kheibar took place in 628ce (Gabriel 152). After the truce of Hudaibiya Muhammad was eager to attack the Jewish settlement at Kheibar before a new coalition could be formed to oppose him (Gabriel 152). Muhammad’s plan was to reduce each force in the valley one by one (Gabriel 155). The Muslims won this battle and conquered the town of Kheibar that was the closest to Mecca in the strength of its opposition to Muhammad, but it was easier because the Jews did not work together, instead they worked separately to protect their own clan compounds (Gabriel 156). The battle of Mu’ta took place in September 629ce (Gabriel 160). Muhammad’s adopted son, Zayd ibn Harithah, had command of the army (Gabriel 160). If he died Ali’s brother was to take command and if both died Abdullah ibn Rawaha, an Ansar of Medina, was to take command (Gabriel 160). All of these people were close to Muhammad, so this shows Muhammad considered the raid into Syria important (Gabriel 160). All three of these commanders ended up dying in combat (Gabriel 163). With no one in command the Muslim army was confused and simply came apart and they withdrew from the fight (Gabriel 164). Khalid Al- Walid saved the day when he rallied the Muslims around him and he kept the enemy off to avoid engagement and ordered an orderly withdrawal (Gabriel 164). Muhammad lost the battle as well as his adopted son. The battle of Hunyan took place on February 1, 630ce (Gabriel 178). Once the Hawazin began to mobilize…

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