The Battle Of Nassau : The American Revolution

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Battle of Nassau
The American Revolution war was sanctioned by the former British settlers who wanted autonomy from British Rule. The revolution itself was a culmination of years of heavy taxation and exploitation by the British loyalists. It was the expansionist ambitions of the British Empire that caused it to lose the grip on the American sub continent (Scanlan, 2015, Para. 2-4). The British had embarked on a serious expansion of its empire through the acquisition of colonies in Africa and Asia. The thirteen colonies revolted against the British rule and founded the United States of America. It is important to note that this independence struggle was brutal and both parties suffered heavy casualties. The battle of Nassau can be considered as one of the greatest independence battles in the history of the United States. This paper will critically analyze the battle of Nassau from its onset to completion and the circumstances surrounding the raid on Nassau Island.
In the year 1776, the independence movement was almost brought to a halt by the lack of gunpowder, which is an essential ingredient in any war. Congress provided George Washington, the new Commander in Chief with only 40 barrels of gunpowder, far less than what he had asked for (Kilgore, 2013, p.367-372). The revolutionists needed more firepower to counter the British troops that were well equipped and handsomely endowed with all the necessities of war. It was this desire to acquire the vital gun powder that…
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