The Battle Of Normandy ( D Day )

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The Battle of Normandy (D-Day) One of the largest amphibious military air assaults in history was known to many as the turning point of World War Two. From June 6, 1944 till the end of August 1944, over 1.000,000 American, British, and Canadian soldiers would fight and destroy the German Nazi’s inhabiting France. These brave men landed on the five beaches of France’s Normandy side and slowly but surely took the beaches and eventually all of France. Their main goal was to drive the Nazi’s back into Germany and meet with the Soviets to ensure the end of the war. This assault was codenamed Operation Overlord because it was the most difficult and thought out plan that no army had ever dealt with before. It was supposed to be the “Overlord” of all plans and be a successful invasion. This was The Battle of Normandy. Before the Battle of Normandy, Germany invaded France and completely destroyed their military in May of 1940. In 1941, the Japanese who were in close allies with Germany, bombed Pearl Harbor in the United States. Shortly after, the United States entered the war and began working on Operation Overlord with Dwight D. Eisenhower at the lead. The Allies set to carry out Operation Overlord included the United States, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and Canada. In order to make sure Germany had no idea about the attack, the Allies created a large scale deception. This had Hitler thinking that Pas de Calais would be the target area for an invasion instead of Normandy.

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