The Battle Of North And South Korea

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The division of North and South Korea stems from right after the Second World War, where brothers were pitted against each other because of the Communist North, or the Western South. South Korea was the gate to prevent the beast of Communism from spreading across the Pacific. With the fallout of the Korean War, it is still evident today that North Korea is still a country where the people are living in fear that each and every single American wants to kill them, while the South Koreans welcome us with open arms into their country.
During Korea’s Joseon Dynasty, the United States established diplomatic relations under the Treaty of Peace, Amity, Commerce, and Navigation signed in 1882 while the first US diplomats arrived in 1883 (US Department of State). Since 1905 Japan took over Korea and up until after World War II, Korea was under colonial rule of Japan. The alliance system protecting the Republic of Korea started right after World War II, with the threat of Communism spreading down from North Korea stemming from the mother of Communism, the Soviet Union. June 25th 1950, the start of the Korean War mainly sponsored by the United Nations, through collective security the United States assisted South Korea in fighting off the invasion of the Communists. In 1953, the military alliance was called “the relationship forged in blood,” (Power) because of the many lives lost during the Korean War, signed on July 27th was an armistice stopping the war.…
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