The Battle Of Passchendaele : A Important Occasion That Helped Promote Canadian Military Achievement

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Canada is a nation made up of many people and events that help illustrate an image of what people think of us. Canada is a country with over 130 years of history so it can be difficult to choose which specific moments define it and a variety of different themes to choose from. I know that The Battle of Passchendaele was a very important occasion that helped establish Canadian Military Achievement. Women’s Rights have been fought for many years and are still being fought for in Canada I think Flappers helped boost this issue. English-French relations have been very tense in the past, the FLQ Crisis played a major role in this theme. With the Syrian Crisis happening many Syrians need to leave their country in order to be safe, Canada is one of the countries which are letting in refugees with 25,000 entering through 2015-16 this helps establish Canada’s Role on the International stage. I believe that these events are the most important ones that have occurred and I will be discussing them in further detail in this report.

Canadian Corps, a 100,00-man assault force was ordered to the Passchendaele front, east of Ypres, in mid-December 1917. The British attempted to drive the Germans out of Northern France at Flanders and North Ypres. Their goal was to take out German Ports and sink their ships their subs and U-Boats. As the troops failed to push the Germans back through fields covered with heavy mud and water filled shell craters, the…
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