The Battle Of Red Army

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"Yeah, I suppose it is." "You 're one of those Red Army folks, aren 't you?" I dragged my gaze away from the brightly colored band-aids to Atlas ' face. "Red Army? Is that what they 're calling it nowadays?" Before it had been the Red Vigilantes or the Red Devils, but the Red Army did have a certain ring to it. Rook would like it, anyway. "That going to be a problem?" I asked. It was hard to tell where people stood sometimes. Most of the Lower Society sided with Rook and his "Red Army," as they were calling it, while the High Society sided with the King and his men. But there were always outliers. Atlas stared for a moment, and Carissa played with his blonde hair, slipping a rubber band from her wrist to secure the short ponytail she…show more content…
"He doesn 't mean anything by it." The Guardian strode forward, big hands reaching out to grab hold of my shoulders. He stared me in the eye, crooked nose only that much more prominent. Then his "thousand watt smiled" spread across his lips, and he pulled me to his muscular chest, laughter booming out so suddenly that Carissa jumped. If it hadn 't been for Atlas ' grip on her ankles, she would have toppled over backwards. "This guy," Alistair said, digging a knuckle into the top of my head. "Is a mother effing genius! Got me my job, ya know? Taught me everythin ' I need to know, too." "Uncle Ali, he 's hurt!" "Oh dolly molly, the man was healin ' the minute little brother pulled him outta the Wrought." The choke hold loosened, but he kept his arm wrapped around my neck. "On another note, the whole Red Army 's lookin ' for ya. Rook 's brought the Red Order together twice now, and I 'm gettin ' a bit antsy. I 've been tellin ' Captain Callaghan that I 've been goin ' on patrols, but I think she 's gettin ' slightly suspicious." I stared down at the carpet, unable to see any further than Atlas ' ankles. "How long was I out for?" "Eight days." Eight. That was entirely too long. Alistair 's hold on me vanished, and I ran a finger along the scar on my forearm. It should have been completely gone by now, not waiting around like some unwanted house
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