The Battle Of Religion During The 16th And 17th Centuries

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During the 16th and 17th centuries a series of religious wars raged throughout Europe. In the fight to gain religious tolerance it created a split between the Catholics and the Protestants. The Dutch Revolt in the Spanish Netherlands was part of the series of religious wars in Europe. For ten years, a civil war raged in the Netherlands between the Catholics and the Protestants. Religion and politics were at the center of this revolt. Calvinism was spreading rapidly and became popular among the lower classes, lesser nobles, and town leaders. However, the strong Catholic King, Philip II desired to eliminate Calvinism within his territories. Philip II believed if he tackled Calvinism, then it would enhance his power in his monarchy. Therefore, politics were at the heart of this revolt since Philip II desired to impose Catholicism in an attempt to centralize his power in the Spanish Netherlands. Furthermore, politics and religion were also at the center of the French Wars of Religion. The religious differences between the two religious sects, the Huguenots and Roman Catholics, reveal that religion was also responsible for these series of wars in France. Therefore, politics and religion were both at the heart of the French Wars of Religion because it created fractional rivalries between the major families in France, members of the Royal Family made several attempts to sustain their power within the estate, and caused several religious battles between the Huguenots and the Roman
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