The Battle Of Saratoga And The American Revolution

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Between 1765-1783 the American Revolution had many different battles that affected its ending results. One of these battles were the Battle of Saratoga which had a major effect on the American Revolution. This battle displayed the Americans power to the French, convincing them to join the war with the Americans. France supplied the American with their advanced weaponry, financial help, and anything for them to win the war. The Battle of Saratoga became to be known as a major turning point that changed the course of the American Revolution as it showed that the American army led by Horatio Gates had resilience to keep up with the British army and then defeat them, even though the British were thought to have the higher advantage in weaponry, discipline, and economy. This battle was a key reason for the Americans win in the American Revolution.
In January 28, 1777, "the British general John Burgoyne decided to make a plan to isolate New England from all other colonies" forcing the Americans to surrender. His idea was that trying to isolating New England would separate the American army from their necessities such as their supplies and economy, and politics in the southern colonies (Battle of Saratoga 1). Burgoyne 's plan was to advance with three columns to meet up in New York. The first column was Burgoyne who led an army from the south, the second column would be led by Colonel St. Leger who started from Canada. The last column then would be led by General Howe who…
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