The Battle Of Super Intelligent Robots

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The robots stared at a broken city, which they created. They did not care, though, they ruled it. Zyth and Zythia, pure evil. It all started just a short seven years ago when super intelligent robots were first introduced to the public. This city bought two of the most intelligent robots and range of worker bots which I could only perform one job well. The civilians of this large city became too dependent on the robots and soon they took them for granted. Somehow, the robots sensed the distaste towards them, hatred. They couldn 't help themselves, all the civilians must die.

Slowly, over the course of a year, The robots formed their plan rebellion. then, One day, just like all the others, the robots stopped. all the civilians panicked. they weren 't used to malfunctions. faster than a lightning strike, the robots took over the humans. The two most intelligent robots rose from their secrecy to rule the city, hold the civilians against their wills, and instruct the bots. now the city is before them dark and burned.

There 's a soft whistle, a man fell from nowhere. he was young with the a shadow on his face. He was a genius, created time travel, through, it had been a few years ago. He was using it because he knew what was going to happen if he did not save this city. The robots would get tired of this destroyed city and go for another. That could not happen. You would not let it. He was Trevis Riccio for crying out loud.

Determined not to get caught, he snuck
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