The Battle Of The Alamo

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The Battle of the Alamo is probably the most famous battle to take place in the history of, and in the state of, Texas. The battle has given Texans the will to persevere against tough odds and the courage to endure through seemingly impossible situations for many generations. Many a Texan would draw inspiration during the fights following the defeat at the Alamo. This inspiration eventually led them to victory during the Texas Revolution following the Battle of San Jacinto. Had the Texas military correctly utilized their intelligence and combat assets available to them at the time, they would have been able to properly reinforce the Alamo. This would have allowed Texan leadership to develop an effective strategy to defeat the Mexican army…show more content…
Santa Anna was elected President of Mexico in 1833. In 1834 he repealed the constitution and established himself as a dictator, which played a major factor in the Texas Revolution. With the constitution repealed, the Texians did not have the same benefits as they did when they first settled in Mexico. Under the oppressive rule of Santa Anna, the Texians began to rebel (Callcott, 2010).
The Battle of Gonzales
The apprehension between the Texians and Mexicans began to shift towards a war when a Mexican force led by Francisco De Castañeda was instructed to take a cannon from the rebels in the city of Gonzales. Castañeda was instructed to try to retrieve the cannon without force in order to prevent it from being used against the Mexican authorities and because the slightest act of aggression would likely push the Texians over the edge. The Texians, led by John Henry Moore, refused to cooperate. They even attempted to negotiate with Castañeda and his force to convince them to side with the Texas cause, as they shared the same principles in regards to Santa Anna’s dictatorship. After Castañeda refused, because as a soldier, he was obligated to follow orders, a minor battle ensued. Although it was almost insignificant, it gave the Texians a spark and the rebel cause was able to increase recruiting efforts for the larger altercations that would occur in the next few months (Hardin, 2010).
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