The Battle Of The Alamo

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Keren Lee Mr. Lewis AP US History 1 2 December 2014 The Battle of the Alamo The Battle of the Alamo was a devastating battle between the Texan and Mexican Army that occurred in the midst of the Texas Revolution and had an everlasting effect on the country and then state of Texas. The Alamo wasn’t built with the intention of being a fort. The Event- The Alamo In the early 1700s the Spanish set up a mission in Texas to house local Native Americans and convert individuals to Catholicism. The mission was founded by Antonio de San Buenaventura, and was called the San Antonio de Valero Mission. The mission had three locations. The first was near San Pedro Creek, the second was closer to where it is today and the third location of the mission is where the Alamo stands today. Alamo expert, Melinda Tomerlin, of says, “While this is the third spot for Mission San Antonio de Valero, it is the only place the 'Alamo ' has ever been” (Tomerlin). In 1793 the Spanish government seized control of many missions, including the San Antonio de Valero Mission. They wanted to secularize the missions, and in the 1800s Spanish troops were stationed in the abandoned mission because of its key location. The mission then became a fort. The soldiers of the fort nicknamed it "El Alamo" (meaning cottonwood) because the fort stood in an orchid of cottonwood trees. After Mexico 's victory in the war for independence from Spain, Mexican soldiers were stationed at the fort until after the

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