The Battle Of The American Buffalo Soldiers

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Buffalo Soldiers
“And when he gets to heaven, To St. Peter he will tell, Another soldier reporting sir, I 've served my time in Hell.” - Unknown
No other quote can quite describe the Buffalo Soldiers more . The story of the American Buffalo Soldiers is one of patriotism, honor, and the fight against racism. The first official all Black regiment in the US army was the 1st Rhode Island Regiment and was established in July 1778. However, African Americans had been fighting for America since before its conception. African Americans continued fighting for the United States through the American Civil War and on through the American Indian Wars of the West. There, they were christened Buffalo Soldiers by the Cheyenne nation for their courage in
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Known as one of the shortest and one of the most significant wars in American History, the Spanish American War lasted from April to August 1898. In that short amount of time, it launched the US into a world empire after acquiring all of Spain 's western territories including Cuba, The Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Spain had been experiencing problems within its colonies for some time, so the United States assuming possession was viewed as a solution as opposed to an invasion. In 1868, Carlos M. Céspedes began the Cuban independence movement. In 1887, the Filipino national consciousness was awakened by a publication by José Rizal. Trouble continued to stir until 1895 when Cubans began fighting for their independence. The revolution had begun. United States President William McKinley wished to remain neutral on the subject and let Spain settle its own disputes. As months went by, two main events would change the mindsets of President McKinley and the American people. In February 1898, the US intercepted a letter from the Spanish Ambassador to the King of Spain. The De Lome Letter as it would be named stated that President McKinley was to weak to go to war with Spain. On February 9, William Randolph Hearst published the letter in his newspaper The New York Journal. This letter combined with the yellow journalism of Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer outraged American citizens.
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