The Battle Of The American Civil War

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The American Civil war occurred about seventy-eight years after the American Revolution, and has many of the same characteristics of a revolution. In both wars, the American people fought for what they believed in and the way of life that they wished to live. However, the two wars differ from each other, as the soldiers that fought in the Civil War fought a new American Revolution that could have split the new world. The Confederate soldiers in the Civil War fought to keep their way of life without having to follow the laws of a strong developing federal government. Unlike in the American Revolution, where people had already left the rule of their king, moved away, and had fought in order to maintain their freedom from a well established country on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. A war between neighbors stands apart from a war between two opposing countries. The reasons behind fighting the Civil War, the people who fought, and the outcomes the war created make the American Civil War a new Revolutionary War. The true reason behind fighting the Civil War differs between each historical expert and text. However, each historian agrees that the violent efforts by the southern states attempt to free them from the Union government and control. Each Confederate soldier likely fought for reasons similar to others, but each still had his own personal reasons for putting his life on the line in attempt to secede. No matter the reasoning behind the soldiers, the Civil
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